Parkland Summit 

I was so honoured to be invited to be the keynote speaker for the Blueberry School Parkland Mental Health Summit. Thanks for the invite guys and congrats on a fantastic event! 

Jack Satellite Summit  

I have focused so much on my new album this year that I haven't had time to do any speaking engagements. I was recently invited back to speak at the Jack Satellite Summit and it made me realize how much I have missed speaking to students. Bringing awareness to youth mental health is a passion of mine. If you haven't heard of check it out here.

Dino Rock Show - interview 

Check out my interview with Fred Zeppelin, The Wizard and Robert Habkirk on the Dino Rock Show 

The Dino Rock Show - Shay's interview

Dino Rock is extremely pleased to present a live visit with another fantastic Edmonton musician. Fred Zepp and The Wizard invite indie female vocalist and inspirational speaker Shay Esposito to share her story and her music! Shay has been working on her voice from the early age of 4, and you need to hear it to believe it. With all original music written from the heart, Shay holds nothing back emotionally or vocally. We are honored to be the first to bring her live to the airwaves, so check out the interview and three songs from her new EP "Sunday". 

But there's more! We also have a sweet collection of down home rock and roll recorded live at the Alice Hotel in Camrose. Jordan Leden hosted a live jam night that brought a ton of people in from the cold to warm their ears up, and we bring you a reminder of why it never hurts to go on a road trip if there's live music at the end of the journey. Big Smoke Revival performs and backs up some wicked local talent. And there's EVEN MORE!

How Does It Feel - Remix EP 

We recently ran a remix competition for my new release How Does It Feel. We had so many entries that it took us weeks to get through them all and narrow down are winners. 

We are proud to announce Everette Ave won first place. Second place was a tie between Terrak and Coyotes and third place goes to Harvo. You have to check out these remixes, they are incredible. 

Now available on Spotify: 

How Does It Feel - Remix EP

Too Young 

A year and a half ago, I experienced loss for the first time. Branden was one of my sister's dearest friends. My parents adored him and his beautiful family. He was so good with me. I must have annoyed him like crazy, the way I always followed after my sister and their group of friends, but he was always so kind to me. When he passed away, it broke my sisters heart and that was the hardest thing for me to have to see her and her friends go through. He had such an incredible impact on my family. At this time, I thought that I should write a song in honour of his memory, but I couldn't quite seem to do it justice. 

A few months later, one of my very best friends lost her brother to suicide. Brett's battle had been a long one, and I connected with this in such a personal way. I had the amazing honour of singing a song that his sister Hailey wrote for him at his funeral, and I am so honoured that I was able to be there for his family through such a difficult time. Once again, I watched someone I loved so dearly going through so much pain and I knew then that I had to write this song, I had to keep the memory of these two boys alive because they had left such an incredible impact on all of our lives. But I just couldn't seem to find the words.  

In January of 2016, we lost another boy. Zac was in his last year of high school, so close to graduating when he was killed in a car accident. I can say with absolute certainty, on behalf of all of us that knew him in high school and had gotten the honour of being his friend, that he is greatly loved, and he is so unbearably missed. I saw him for the last time only a week or two before the accident and I promised him that I'd make the time to visit him soon. I didn't get that chance.  

I truly believe with everything that I am that Zac finished this song for me. And I'm here today sharing it with all of you so that you might understand that we don't always have as much time as we think. So cherish the people in your life.  

This song is called Too Young, written in loving memory of Branden Maughan, Brett Cornelius and Zac Drolet.

Too Young - music video

How Does it Feel - new single release and music video 

Well here it is, months of hard work, writing, recording, filming - risking frost bite on my feet - all to bring my new single to life. This song has multiple meanings for me but instead of telling you what this song means to me I will let you find out for yourself what it means to you!